Guidance requested from the user community

We need some input from the user community.  It is becoming clear that many users feel that should run exceptionally in their particular environment.  We agree. 

The problem is that there are many different environments and they do not all run the same.  So the question is, “how should we handle this?”


6 Responses to “Guidance requested from the user community”

  1. Pete McThompson Says:

    I was thinking that would benefit from having two versions of the site. While viewing from a PC brower, it looks very plain and empty. This is great for mobile devices, but leaves a little to be desired when viewing from a PC browser.

    I was thinking that either a second domain name can be established for the mobile version of (e.g., [thanks to Jose R. for the suggestion of that name]) or having a simple input control on the login screen to allow the user to select from the mobile version or the PC browser version. I believe the same underlying system could operate the same way in both versions.


    • jcurrey Says:

      Yes, plain and empty is pretty accurate. We have taken the view that designing for the mobile units should be our first priority. Eventually we may end up with specific apps written for the more popular smartphones and then a desktop presentation that would be more rich. The second domain name might also come into play although we believe that we can sense what kind of device you are using to render the pages and thus may not have to ask the user to select an alternate site. Thanks for your input and stay tuned.

  2. Pete McThompson Says:

    If a fellow member of a circle leaves, I think it would sound nice to receive a message that says ” of has left the circle,” (e.g., “pete.mcthompson of programming has left the circle.”). It goes well with the “circle” theme.

    • Pete McThompson Says:

      My last message is unclear because I used angled brackets. Here’s what I meant to say:

      ”(member) of (circle) has left the circle.”

      • jcurrey Says:

        We agree. In fact it seems that the heads-up and reverse-heads-up are becoming a desirable result of almost every action taken.

  3. Pete McThompson Says:

    I have two ideas for circle enhancements:

    (1) Allow the “square” (circle owner) to configure sub-circles and enlist members of the main circle into the sub-circles, giving one of them administrator privileges to the sub-circle. As an example, I work in the programming department and Sandy D. is the square of the programming circle. Sandy D. should be able to establish a sub-circle ran by Randy C., of which Jaime P. and I are members. Randy can write messages to Jaime and I, and Jaime and I can respond to Randy (meanwhile Sandy D. has the option to receive CC’s of everything automatically at her discretion).

    (2) Have “general discussion” circles where all members can talk across to each other (think bulletin board). For some projects, this may be ideal when a brainstorming session is necessary.

    What do you think?


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