Invitation Process

You can now send multiple invitations to join your circle.  Enter the e-mail addresses separated by a semi-colon. allows you to invite up to 15 people at a time. 

Invitations are now treated like individual messages.  You will see them in your list of sent messages and will be able to use the “Trail” function once the invitee accepts your invitation.


3 Responses to “Invitation Process”

  1. wclark Says:

    As a LinkedIn user, whenever I invite someone to join my personal network on LinkedIn, the invitation is automatically populated with a brief, standard message and my “signature” as the sender. I can, however, personalize that message if I wish by adding totally new language or simply editing the standard invite language. This could be beneficial to users, especially in the early stages, in that it would provide both the sender and recipient with a simple explanation of the unique benefit(s) of It would help the inviter explain to an invitee, who is unfamiliar with, why they should care about communicating with the sender on a new e-mail system. . .and by providing “canned” language is assured that people are describing and positioning in a correct and consistent way.

  2. Sandy Says:

    Is there a limit to the number of characters we can put in the invite? It appears that the invite I sent to my first circle was truncated after approximately 250 characters, even though I was able to type in a couple of paragraphs when creating the invite.

    • jcurrey Says:

      Yes, there is a limit of about 250 characters on the invite.

      We are trying to keep this system short and simple. You might want to consider attaching a file with your longer note.

      If enough users comment about the 250 character limit, we will change it.


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