New Features

This week we spent some time cleaning up presentation and added two new features.

First, we have added an “Add Recipients” button when you are reviewing mail that you have sent from your circle.  You might want to use this if you have a standard note or file that you want to send to everyone in your circle.  From time to time new people will join.  Use this button to bring up a list of all current members of the circle that have not had the message sent to them.   You can then choose who will receive the note.

The second feature concerns the “heads up”.  If you send a “heads up” along with a message, the system will automatically (through your e-mail) let you know when the recipient has read the message.  Right now we are calling this the “reverse heads up”.  What do you think a good name would be?

Several have asked if they are allowed to create and use their own circles.  By all means.  We need to learn from your experiences.


3 Responses to “New Features”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Regarding the naming of the ‘reverse heads up’ – how about a ‘nod’ (as in, nodding the head)? Or a ‘thumbs up’? Something along these lines would represent receipt of the message…

  2. Scott Says:

    “Heads Down”

  3. wclark Says:

    A nod is short and sweet acknowledgement. Thumbs up is an instant positive and easy to visualize graphically. Heads Down infers avoidance.

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