New Navigation

After you sign on you should notice that the READ and WRITE portions of the main menu have been replaced with INBOX and OUTBOX respectively.

Our purpose here was to change the interface from who you are (the reader or the writer) to what you want to do.

In the INBOX section you will see a list of all messages that you have received and not archived.  You will not be allowed to archive a message until you have read it.  A new button REPLIES TO ME lets you list notes that have been sent to you as a reply from a message that you sent to someone else.  NOTES FROM OTHERS lets you see traffic sent to you from someone else’s circle.

The OUTBOX selection takes you to a screen that shows each message that you have sent if at least one person has not read the message.  SEND HEADS UP will allow you to sent another e-mail to the recipient reminding them to read your message.  DON’T WORRY will remove this person from the list of people that have not read the message.  Click on the Subject of the message to see the original message.  CIRCLES I WRITE will take you to the original navigation.


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