User Interface

July 26, 2009

Those of you who have ventured onto via a standard PC web browser have probably found the pages to be sparse.

Our design point right now is to mobile devices.  As there are no standards for mobile device programming at this point, we are having to take a minimalist approach.

We are trying to keep things large enough to handle the “thumb on the touch screen: problem.  We are deliberately keeping the page sizes as small as we can, are avoiding special scripts, and are keeping navigation simple but usable.

We welcome your gentle suggestions.


Archive and Restore

July 23, 2009 now automatically archives an entry once you have read it unless you click on “Save as New” on the page where you read the entry.

You can recall messages by clicking on “Show Archive”.

As the writer of a note (from a circle you control) you can send a note and all responses to the archive by clicking “Archive” on your inbox.

As the original writer of a note (we call you the “Square”) you can audit the status of each person you sent the message to by clicking the “Trail” button when reading the message. alpha

July 23, 2009

The alpha version of is up and running as of today.

There will be numerous system interruptions as we add new features, correct programming bugs, and size the servers.  

Thank you for your involvement.

Feel free to post your comments (keep them clean) under the appropriate category (Feature Requests, General Discussion, or News at this point)

We look forward to hearing from you.